Will Wolf


My Background

A classic staircase that brings you in.

I was first introduced to photography in the mid 70's and been inspired by Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Georgia O ' Keeffe, Mondrian, and Frank Lloyd Wright to name a few.   I attended the Maryland Institute of Arts to establish a foundation to build on.   While I started out using film I have since converted to digital format.  I believe that a photograph must Trigger an emotion  or feeling of time and space.   I feel that if you look just enough, everywhere is an opportunity to capture a moment or detail that can reach someone.   Sometimes a theme or series starts with just one photo and as time evolves a theme develops.   During the years I have had a few shows and always enjoyed watching people's reaction, especially when they connect.  Hopefully you will view these photos and provide feedback as I am always interested to by hear from you.




Just an example of how you can find something interesting everywhere.  Shapes, Contrast, Reflections

These photos can be purchased in either approximately 8X 10 mounted and matted on 11X 14 boards for $75.00 or approximately 11 X 14 mounted and matted on 16 X 20 boards for $100.00.  If you would like  gift cards they are also available in  4X6 packages of 10 for $50.00.  Larger sizes are available for custom quotes.

Never in front of the lens!

While I love photography it is always from behind the viewfinder!

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